The Chasing Summer Programs

Our mission is to offer programs and experiences for kids and families with autism, 22q deletion syndrome, and other special needs to increase happiness, positive self-concept, and to create community.

Here's how we do it...

The Explorers is a transition-to-adulthood program for emerging adults 13 to Mid-20's with autism and 22q deletion syndrome.  Their year-round work will develop vocational and pre-vocational skills meant to increase independence and happiness.

Camp Tall Tree provides a traditional summer camp experience for campers with autism and 22q deletion syndrome ages 6-18 in Main Camp, emerging adults ages 13 to mid-20's in the Explorers, and a unique program for Siblings of kids with special needs.


Chasing Summer Professional Development provides training opportunities and materials for schools, summer camps, youth development professionals and other organizations to create and implement programs that increase access for kids and families with autism and 22q deletion syndrome.