August 19th – August 27th 2017 (tentative – to be confirmed by 11/15/16)

4 – 8 day experiences are available

The Camp Tall Tree Experience is an immersive training program, focused on integrating children with autism into typical recreation programs and/or creating autism-specific programs. We customize your experience to fit your organization.

  • You choose the length (4-8 days)
  • Expert training
  • Facilitated breakout meetings with peers
  • Ongoing debriefing after workshops
  • Journal assignments
  • In-cabin experience with break-out sessions and debriefing
  • Experience all three programs (main camp, siblings & explorers)
  • Shadow directors in challenging scenarios
  • Facilitated program planning for your specific organization
  • Includes all published books from our Materials & Resources library
  • Includes 3 post-summer follow-up meetings to track your progress

This 4-8 day experience starts with two days of front-line staff training.  Facilitated by Chasing Summer's expert professional staff, you will be led through relevant parts of our staff training with additional break-out meetings, debriefing and review periods.  We also facilitate journaling time, and brainstorming sessions about your specific program and staff training at your organization.  As Camp Tall Tree transitions into the camper week, you will be placed in a cabin and program area to put your training into practice.  Experiencing all three Camp Tall Tree programs (Main Camp, Explorers, and Siblings), you will have time to review and reflect on the training and experience with several daily break-out meetings and brainstorming sessions.  Finally, at the end of your Camp Tall Tree time, you will be led through a debrief session with the objective of creating and implementing the programmatic goals for your organization and your professional development goals in the field.

This experience includes all of the published books from our Materials & Resources library and at least three post-summer follow-up meetings to track your progress towards the growth and development of your programs.



The Autism & Summer Camp Training Series is for camps and other youth serving programs that are specifically for camper's with autism OR for typical camps looking to be more accommodating to campers with special needs.  

Children on the autism spectrum account for an increasing percentage of the populations we serve at summer camps, after-school programs, recreation opportunities, and other youth development programs.  In order to create successful experiences for them and the other kids they will meet, youth development professionals need proper training and support.  This training series offers a practical introduction to autism and a framework that is accessible to both novice and experienced professionals alike.  The training covers skills and best practices for integrating children on the spectrum seamlessly into existing programs.  Through activities, small and large group discussion, lecture, case studies, role-playing and scenarios, the trainers will facilitate multi-media based learning and review sessions. This series will give frontline staff and supervisors a research-based foundation from which to create successful and supportive accommodations for children in your program.


Learning objectives:

  • Participants will learn 8 best practices for integrating child on the spectrum into recreation programs
  • Participants will review, discuss, and breakdown case studies of classic challenges and proven strategies in reaction programs
  • Participants will have hands-on practice through facilitated role plays and scenarios, with a specific debrief to facilitate confidence and learning
  • Participants will have an opportunity to ask specific questions and air concern

Series options:
Half Day (3hr) - including everything in the description

Full Day (6hr) - including everything in the description, plus a few more in-depth skills & strategies, more processing & practice time, and some customized techniques for your facility or program.

Full Day & Evening Activity (8hr) - including everything in the description, plus a few more in-depth skills & strategies, more processing & practice time, some customized techniques for your facility or program, and a facilitated experience called The Meltdown Carnival.