Happiness, Diversity, & Autism

Scott, Sylvia, and Josh have a combined 30 years of experience in autism and youth development, and they have distilled that experience down into a book that is practical, readable, and applicable to a wide variety of settings. This manual is a guide for camps, schools, and other organizations that seek competently serve young people with autism. It features detailed explanations and step-by-step methods for improving communication between staff and children with autism at your program. The text includes specific techniques that you and your staff can use to immediately make your program more inclusive, without breaking the bank.  

Our book is specifically about including kids with autism, but many of our techniques are effective for both children with other developmental diagnoses, and for typically developing kids as well.  We have found that our most inclusive programs are the most memorable and effective for everyone involved.  Inclusivity is not always easy, but like all diversity work, it is worth it. 

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