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Chasing Summer offers a wide variety of services designed to help any organization adapt any program to include participants with autism.  Take a look at our different catagories to find the resource that's right for you! 


Materials & Resources

Director in residence program

In addition to training services and resources, Chasing Summer has a Director in Residence program that will bring an experienced, Director-level staff member to your program for 3 or more days to help with on the ground training and inclusion of participants with autism into your program.  

Autism & Recreation Programs Manual & Resource Guide (title coming soon)

A guide for camps, programs, and organizations that are seeking to be more inclusive and accommodating to kids and families with autism, anxiety, or different methods of communicating.  Including practical examples like: camper application questions, behavior policies, communication procedures, creating social stories, and creating visuals.

The Staff Training Workbook

This workbook goes with the Manual & Resource Guide and provides a step-by-step approach to staff orientation, training, and in-service ideas.  It is filled with activity ideas, facilitation notes, multi-media suggestions, and training curriculum. 

Training & Development

Our unique training opportunities offer practical techniques using an experiential approach delivered by nationally recognized presenters and trainers.  From webinars and short workshops through day-long trainings and comprehensive curriculum writing, Chasing Summer provides the right training for your program, organization, and budget.

Workshops, Conferences, & Events

The staff at Chasing Summer have been presenting at conferences and workshops in youth development for over a decade.  Whether you're looking for a keynote address, educational breakout sessions, or engaging workshops, we have the experience and knowledge to bring depth to the education of your participants.

Facility & Organization Consulting

Are you looking to make your facility, organization, or program more accessible to kids and families with special needs?  Through our consulting audits, we can help you bring more kids and families into the fold, with easy to implement accommodations and recommendations for your mid-range and long-term strategic plans.