Chasing Summer offers a unique consulting package for your facility, organization, program, or event that can help you create better access for more of your clients and participants with special needs.  We include in-building and during program audits, easy-to-use techniques and ideas, accommodation suggestions for all budgets, specific staff training, and ongoing support, implementation help, and goal setting.


Facility Consulting

How accessible is your facility?  Does your building prevent some clients from participating fully?  Are you interested in creating more accommodations for your participants?

Chasing Summer has a team of professional consultants that will audit your building, grounds, and other facilities.  We will look at flow, accessibility, direction, instructions, and the hidden social rules that make up the culture in your space.  In a written report and in-person walk through we will create a upgrade plan that will facilitate more access for your participants and fit your budget, staffing, and expertise.

Organization Consulting

How accessible is your business, service, or corporate culture?  Would a participant or employee that has special needs be successful?

We believe that there are some big problems in the world and it's going to take a lot of different kinds of minds to solve them.  Chasing Summer offers your business and organization an opportunity to create a more accessible workplace, corporate culture, and environment.

Through on-site audits, one-on-one interviews, group observation, policy & culture observation, and employee and client focus groups, we will help determine the path to creating a more accessible and accommodating space.

Events, Meetings, and Other Opportunities

People with special needs are often left out of events and other experiences because the planners, organizers, and others don't think about accessibility and accommodations.  With a few simple techniques and some low or no budget ideas your event or other experience could be more accessible to everyone.